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20 August 2016
I caught up with one of our best male local cosplayers to bring you this informative and sometimes a bit funny interview. Keep an eye out for his perspective on how we can aid charity groups through cosplay! 1. When did you start cosplaying and why? ...
20 August 2016
Hey there everyone! It's time to look into the amazing work of another international cosplayer, and this time I inspect the perspective of Kaika from The Cosplay Chronicles. Since getting my sewing machine in December 2011 her sewing tutorials have ...
20 August 2016
I caught up with LeeAnna from www.ILOVERNERDGIRLS.com in order to interview her about cosplaying. She totally stood out in some fan vids I saw a while back and I have been smitten with her work since then! Let's see what she has to say! 1. When did ...
20 August 2016
Monika Lee, one of my favorite costumers/cosplayers on this earth. Her photos and interview below show will show you why I think so. You can also find links at the bottom of the post related to her. This compulsive gamer has got it going on! Apart f ...
20 August 2016
Hi there, Here I want to share a very easy recipe on how to make fake blood. I learnt about this from Morgue Chan, and adapted it to suit my needs. Morgue Chan says that this is how you make it: "It's 2 tablespoons of syrup, 4 drops of red food colo ...

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