Lovely art from people over the years inspired by cosplay I've done =^u^=

Thursday, 03 November 2016
Naruma as illustrated by Bradford De Boer.
Chibi by Kay Ling-Ling of my Drow Ranger cosplay from DOTA 2.
Chibi by Kay Ling-Ling of my Nyan Miku cosplay.
A doodle by an inspired artist of my Maid Rin cosplay from Vocaloid at UCON 2014.
Another super coooool illustration by Linda Wessels of my Frozen Feather Crystal Maiden cosplay from DOTA 2 <3
My rendition of Nurse Akali from League of Legends covered by Messi Merchandise.
Linda Wessels beautifully illustrated my Classic Drow Ranger cosplay!
Chibi by Kay Ling-Ling of my Maid Miku Vocaloid cosplay.
Chibi by Kay Ling-Ling of my Kushina and Yamaki's Minato cosplays.
I love this cute kitten one of my long time supporters, Tim, illustrated for me as a surprise!

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