EGE - Electronics and Gaming Expo


EGE is a great event for tech, gaming/E-Sports and Cosplay lovers alike. It has been hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Center as of 2015.

Organizers for EGE highly value to participation and well being of the local cosplay community. I was hired in 2015 & 2016 to manage the cosplay element which entailed setting up a schedule for cosplayers that involved cosplay stage time & contests as well as some presentations related to the industry. This also meant hyping up the community on social media, and boy - where we amped! It was a blast acting as MC and working closely with fellow cosplayers to bring forth the best we could offer to local cosplayers. In 2017 in order to change things up a bit I acted as a cosplay judge.

During my time with EGE so far I have worked alongside some lovely fellow cosplayers such as Kinpatsu Cosplay who gets invited down from Johannesburg as a cosplay guest judge, Baka Sakura who acts both as a judge and MC, Sashi Cosplay as judge and Yamaki also a judge. 

There is always a lot of great cosplay videography and media coverage happening at EGE, which is also a nice incentive besides the contests, for locals to bust out their best cosplay at the time!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

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