Fancon - Cape Town Comic Con

Annual Capetonian Comic Con, Fancon, started off in 2016 at the Waterfront Lookout, but progressed to the CTICC in 2017. Amazing guests attend & amazing art is to be seen! This event also greatly respects the art of cosplay and is such a lovely space for it!

One of my favorite parts of Fancon is that awesome videographers attend and make fun CMV (Cosplay Music Videos). I embed some of my favorite Fancon CMV below!



Sunday, 06 August 2017

Fancon 2017 Cosplay Contest Judges

From Left to Right: Kinpatsu Cosplay as Gwenom from Marvel, Sashi Cosplay in muggle form, my self KomboKitten as Black Cat from Marvel & the AMAZING Calssara from Germany <3
Leading the Fancon 2017 cosplay parade by voice and LED baton in Jigglypuff gijinka cosplay! Would love to have a marching drummer buff the cosplay parade next time we do something like this! Photography by Dennis Dvornak.
A fun Fancon 2017 memory! Photography by Dennis Dvornak.
At Fancon 2016 I wore Luigi from Mario Bros & Luka from Vocaloid fandom as a hybrid costume creation, Lukagi

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