Playboy South Africa Bunny

Instance: Various Events featuring Playboy South Africa

Reason: I was hired for several events by Playboy South Africa to cosplay their bunny suit for them. I enjoyed a lot working with my cosplay mentor, Sashi Cosplay, as a bunny. We did promotional work for the Playboy South Africa brand together, which usually dictated being kind and approachable at events and posing for photos with event goers =^u^= I started as a hostess (also promo) and through that I became a fully fledged bunny, also making small appearances into the printed magazines, usually alongside Playmates. I like to call this a closet cosplay experience, since I had the bunny suit in my closet (provided by Playboy South Africa - not self crafted) and got to live out my cosplay passion when wearing it for work. Bunny suits are a major fandom of its own in the cosplay world, with various beautiful renditions available to see online.

Photographers: Playboy South Africa & Paul Malherbe


Thursday, 06 October 2016

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