Happy Customers

Customers I catered to in the past with some of my creations =^u^=

Please Note I am currently unavailable for crafting requests. If I become open to commissions again I will update my website and social media accordingly. 

Saturday, 17 December 2016
Wolf Scarf-Hood
Alice in Wonderland Costume
Marissa with her Hair Bow & Sloth Charm
Happy from Fairy Tail Onesie/Kigurumi
Happy from Fairy Tail Onesie/Kigurumi
Gadija enjoying her Happy Hoodie =^u^=
Batman Hoodie
Review from Jan-Hendrick in Gauteng South Africa

Wedding Dress =^u^=

Ruffled Kimono
Ruffled Kimono
Chibi Fox Plush
Golden Retriever Ears & Tail Set
Alice in Wonderland Costume
Natsu from Fairy Tail Costume
Black Cat Onesie / Kuro Neko Kigurumi
Black Cat Ears & Tail Set
Blue Satin Neck & Hair Bow
Jasmine from Aladdin Costume

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